Courtesy Begets Courtesy

For your convenience, we at Julzz Creations would like to inform you — our valued clients — of a few protocols to consider when scheduling new and future appointments:

– To ensure that we have availability for your desired date and time, we highly encourage you to book your appointments a week or two in advance.

– To ensure that we have availability, schedule your maintenance appointments before you leave your current appointment.

– To ensure your appointment does not run late, please arrive on time and schedule 15 to 20 minutes extra so that we can ensure you look to perfection upon your departure.

– To ensure that we have the right hair products available for your appointment, please be specific as to what your desired style and/or technique is when booking your appointment(s).

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Julzz Creations, we constantly strive for the utmost in personal care and to consistently provide you with quality and efficient service. If you are dissatisfied with any service for any reason, please notify our Salon Manager within 7 days of the service date.

Gift Certificates

Does someone special in your life deserve a heartfelt “Thank You”? Why not give them the “Gift of Beauty!” Ask us for details when you are in for your next appointment or call to purchase a gift certificate. Certificates are available for all services and products offered at Julzz Creations.